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Wonderful Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

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Made this video to remind all of you how wonderful this game is. I had lots of old demos, so i had to use old non steam version of the game.
Recorded everything with Bandicam and my FPS config on laptop, so do not expect cool gfx quality.
Capturing and montage took ~1.5 days, it is really fast. The whole footage was ~5 Gb.
Thanks to the whole hl2dm community for supporting this game, now it is probably the last video about hl2dm from me, almost all players i used to play with or against left this game and the number of online players decrease every day:

Special thanks to [Sc] team:
[Sc] Holy Shotgun (the [Sc] team leader, who involved me in making videos),
[Sc] kray (great moviemaker, who helped me alot with Vegas),
[Sc] asf. and [Sc] k3z (great hud makers),
[Sc] ReZareCta and [Sc] Stunt (simply great team mates smile ).
Thanks to Vels and Sentre for their streams.
Also thanks to Maxtasy, Silla, Jora, Zanyda, Diamphid, Fuckka, Hippie, Ade, Dark Soul, haL, keneida, TSMC, Potate and everyone who played and still plays this awesome game.
Shame on Valve for such an attitude to Half-Life 2: Deathmatch.


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