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HL2:DM | Dark Files 3

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Entry description:

READ THIS BEFORE YOU WATCH (copy-paste from the Readme File)


Yep!!! I'm Back hehehehe....been a bit inactive the last months but who cares?? i present to you my 3rd HL2:DM Frag video and probably, prooobably the last one.
I was collecting frags after "Dark Files 2" was released, it was a hard work with over 1600 demos (YES 1600 demos and guess what? i didn't see them all LOL) and hours and more hours checking the footage and writing the ticks, but
i think it was worth the effort, just to bring the movie for you guys.

I know is not the most impressive editing you've ever seen...but i try to do my best wink

All the Footage from Scrims, 1v1 and League Matches (warzone league, eFPS, Clans United)



Aforizm (my sexy russian bitch)
VitaminG (my pro music and map maker)
Zeiken (beacuse he pwns ppl with 20 fps ;), jk love u bro biggrin )

For All, yes ALL those great,cool,hilarious moments in HL2:DM, and all the unconditonal support you gave to me...i
really, really aprecciate all of you guys (and for eating all my shots, ricochets, airshots, etc LOL).

Also i want to thanks all the HL2:DM Community for all the support and the effort to keep this game alive wink and the LsD Clan beacause is the sexiest clan ever smile

Also i want to thanks SONY for making Sony Vegas 10 (JK, GUYS DONT USE VEGAS 10, it has horrible crashes, bugs, glitches...i even got BSOD (blu screens of death) for using it...so stay away from it)


Video Specs:

Name: Dark Files 3
Lenght: 13:06
Final Size (Avi Uncompressed) : 143.4 GB
Final Size (Mp4) : 522.8 MB
FPS Record : 120 - 240
Made In: Chile



X-Ray Dog - Cross The Line (actually is the "choir" version, the original one has vocals)
Toby Mac - Showstopper
Matrix and Futurebound - Coast to Coast
Two Steps From Hell - Chopperhead
Trololo Teetow Remix


Software Used:

HL2:DM (a non-steam version for old demos)
Virtual Dub
Sony Vegas 10 (fail)
Easy X264/Megui (forgot to mention Megui on the credits, easy x264 only for testing purposes)
Ricochet-Aimbot V 1.2 (ask me for download)
And i used a template for the intro background....i don't remember the website.


Much love, keep HL2:DM Alive and dont stop the Fraggin

Sincerely Esteban "Dark Soul" Araya.

Language: Русский
Video runtime: 00:13:07
Author: lsdarksoul
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