HL2DM Movement Tutorial 2009
Lich wrote:This technique is called Speedskating, or Asshopping, overbouncing, speedcrawling, you name it. Everyone seems to have a diferent name for it. Many simply call it bhopping. Anyway the basics are the same.

I leave you a very good video tutorial about it, by Onti. You may need to watch it over and over cuz he does it a little fast. But the explanation is very clear and he shows onscreen the keys that he's pressing.
Onti's HL2DM | Movement Tutorial - English
HL2DM Tutorial de Movimiento - por Onti - Español
Tutorial de Movimentação - Por Onti - Português

And a very comprehensible video tutorial from iReLaPsEi.
Hl2dm | Bunny Hop Tutorial

There are more tutorials on youtube and probably on other stream video websites. If these tutorials don't work well for you, try to search for "HL2DM movement" or "HL2DM movement tutorials" and it'll surely come up with the rest of them.

Also look into hl2dm-University Advanced Movement page. Has many useful tips aswell.
And you can download Bhoptutorial_001.avi (102.4Mb) by A Seagull

Either way, I try to explain some stuf here.

Some basics in advance:
type cl_showpos 1 in your developer console.
You will see some info displayed in the top-right corner of your screen, consisting of pos (position in the map coordinates), ang (angle of rotation of your character's entity) and vel (velocity, which is your speed)
You should only worry about speed.

1- Speed:
When you walk ---------- 190
when you sprint --------- 320

But if you turn your mouse your speed goes higher than those limits. You may easily see it for yourself if you walk or sprint and start turning your mouse left and right, but NOT like a lunatic. You may reach a little more than 200 while walking, for example, but only if you turn the mouse smoothly. Not fast, smooth.
Remember that. In a smooth and continuos movement until you can't turn that way anymore (i.e. you reach a wall and need to turn the other way).

Then, if you use a strafe key at the same time as the forward key and turn the mouse smoothly to the direction you are strafing, you'll get about 245 speed (without sprinting).
All this is the base for a good strafe-jump.

2- Strafe-Jumping:
To make a strafe-jump you must combine both the mouse movement and strafe key (both to the same direction) to gain the most speed possible to jump right after, thus making a longer jump.

You start by turning your view by about 90º from the place where you intend to go. Then, you press the strafe key that leads to the direction of that place at the same moment you press your forward key, sprint key, and start turning your mouse smoothly in the same direction. Usually a good practice is to try to draw a Half-U-turn with your whole movement before jumping, with the combination of the diagonal movement from the strafe key+forward key and the mouse movement.
After you jump, be sure to release your forward key. Otherwise it will make you loose speed and prevent you to control your direction. (see 5- Air Control)
And also after jumping, release the sprint key imediately. If you don't, when you are in the air, your AUX will still be wasting up, though it will have no effect on your speed at all.

in a short example, with default movement keys (WASD) it gives you a combination like:
If you turn 90º to the right of your goal - A+W+Sprint+mouse mov. left -> Jump+release W
If you turn 90º to the left of your goal - D+W+Sprint+mouse mov. right -> Jump+release W

(if, at start, you are facing left from the place you intend to go you have to turn right to go there and vice-versa)
Usualy each person will have a prefered direction of strafe-jumping. You'll eventualy find your own preference, but in the long run it's very wise to try to learn both.

Consistent strafe-jumps will make you a fast Speedskater/bhopper, but are not imperative to do it. With a consistent strafe-jump you may achieve speeds above 450 in normal gravity.

3- Bhop (Bunny Hopping)
To bhop, first you need to jump with some amount of speed, either by simply sprinting or by strafe-jumping. After that first jump you will not use your sprint key anymore until you stop or loose too much speed. So to mantain your speed, after doing the 1st jump, jump as soon as you touch the floor again, and again and again.

While bunny hopping, you should also move your mouse slightly and slowly left and right, accordingly to the strafe key you're pressing (see 5- Air control). This will help you mantain your speed all the way, even tho a good jumps timing may sufice sometimes. This is not the easiest thing to explain, so you may need to watch either one of the videos to check it out.

4- Speedskate (Asshoping)
To Speedskate, you do exactly as to bhop but you crouch (duck) in mid-air. After you jump simply press the crouch key and do not let go of it untill you stop, or need to start again (for loosing speed, or bumping into something).

The timing of your consecutive jumps aplies to both bhoping and speedskating. If you jump too soon you just stop when you reach the ground. If you jump too late you loose a considerable amount of speed. So you need to jump as soon as you hit the ground, not before, nor after. Practice is needed for this. While many people does it consistently with the space bar, you can alternatively bind your jump to the Mouse Wheel Down (or up) to get the timing easier (See the end of the tutorial).

Again, as with bunny hopping, slightly turning the mouse left and right while speedskating will help with mantaining the speed.

NOTE: There's usualy a decrease in speed as you bhop/speedskate, which is almost impossible to avoid. So don't worry too much with it. But the better you do it the longer you mantain very high speeds

5- Air Control (important)
To control your direction of movement while bhopping/speedskating, you need to alternate your strafe keys along the way. Remember to let go of the forward key (very important) as soon as you jump. Also as soon as you jump, let go of the strafe key you were pressing, press the opposite one, and move the mouse in the opposite direction aswell. Then, on each jump (or every two jumps) change strafe key again and mouse mov direction. If you are making a turn (i.e. in lockdown), keep pressing the strafe key for that direction and turning the mouse in the amount of speed needed to make the turn smoothly. Some turns may be very hard/impossible to make while speedskating/bhopping.

Note: If you are strafe jumping into a turn, you may have to keep the strafe key you had pressed before jumping. This will always depend on the situation, and maybe also on the way you feel most confortable doing it.

6- Zig Zag Motion (Advanced)
The Zig Zag motion is pretty much the same as the normal strafe jump, in a way, but harder to perform. It basically consists of strafe-turning to one side, then to the other in a continuous motion, and only then you jump. It's most likely imperative that you master strafe jumping to both sides before being able to do this.
Note: You don't release W until you jump, just like in a normal strafe jump, but you switch strafe key as you change direction in the middle of this movement action.

As an example:
If you turn around 45º to the left, then around 45º to the right:
W+A+Sprint+mouse mov. left -> W+D+Sprint+mouse mov. right -> Jump+release W

If you turn around 45º to the right, then around 45º to the left:
W+D+Sprint+mouse mov. right -> W+A+Sprint+mouse mov. left -> Jump+release W

The amount of mouse movement you apply for turning is up to you, and depends on how well you do it and the situation you're in. For a sharp corner that afterwords turns again but very subtly, you can turn, for example, 120º to one side and then 30º to the other. If you're in lockdown's corridors you may find that you can't turn much more than 20º to each side. So practicing it is a must if you want to be able to apply it to most/all situations where possible.

This can be very useful in making the strafe-jumping more straight ahead in matches, putting you on the move into the way you want to go from the beggining,
in turning within S curves/corners, like I mentioned, with the advantage of leaving you ready to bhop after the last corner,
in narrow corridors where you can't aford to turn much,
and in a great variaty of other situations that any given player can eventually find himself in.

It's not less important to note that the advantage from this technique in narrow corridors is that you can turn less, but since you're turning to both sides in a continuous manner it adds to your speed as a whole movement action, just like a normal strafe jump would.
In some situations you may even find yourself Zig-Zagging more than once before actually jumping.

It's never too much to remind:
  • Advanced movement can pay off in gathering items/weapons quickly (most important), fleeing effectively, catching up on your opponent faster, getting to your destination in no time, etc. But it can also make you fail in your usual aim or responsiveness. That is something you must practice. Going 200 miles/hour and still being able to spot the enemy that quicly and press the maggie trigger at the right spot when needed is something you'll need to master.
  • Mouse movement while bhopping/speedskating must be made in the same direction of the strafe key.
    I.e. if you press your strafe left key (A) you must move the mouse left, and vice-versa.
    If you do it otherwise, you will loose speed, unless you are bhopping backwards. Only when bhopping backards the directions must be inverted.
  • Always release the forward key (W) after strafe-jumping (or if you make a simple jump but intend to bhop)
  • Always release sprint imediately after you jump. It will keep wasting your AUX after jumping if you don't release it.
  • Time your jumps correctly when speedskating/bhopping. If your speed drops below 400 in the first 4 or 5 jumps, you need to practice it more. You can practice timing without moving, which is good for a start, if you happen to fail many times ending up with not jumping. But you can only see the results in mantaining speed while moving.
  • Keep the mouse movement as much smooth as you can. Although you can make it fast, if you're still learning I advise against it.
  • you can add these lines into your autoexec.cfg

    bind "kp_plus" "cl_showpos 1"
    bind "kp_minus" "cl_showpos 0"

    This way you only need keypad + and - to turn it on and off. There's a way to make it one key on/off but I'll not get into it now.

    If you want to try the mouse wheel for jumping, you can simply bind it in keyboard options, or add this line also to autoexec.cfg:
    bind mwheeldown +jump
    (replace with mwheelup if you feel more confortable with it)

I'll update this post if I remember anything else. Hope it's clear enough and watch Onti's tutorial and others.

Happy hopping :party:
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