Image Description Author Link
A CS:GO-style HUD with a neutral color scheme. Includes lots of extras and a crosshair configuration tool. Jora Download on Gamebanana
Blue gradient HUD with centered numbers. Matthew Download on Gamebanana
Blue and white HUD. Diamphid Download
Blue and white themed Health/Suit/Ammo
- Includes a variety of crosshairs and colors
- No red screen when taking damage
- Smaller chat font and outlined chat text
- Shorter ring sound duration.
Maxtasy Download
Green and white HUD. Diamphid Download
Simple white HUD with boxed numbers. Kez Download
Simple white HUD with big numbers. Kez Download
Simple HUD in many different color choices Kez Download
Quake III themed variant. Kez Download
Another variant. Kez & Yin Download
All important numbers are in the bottom center. asf Download
Variant. gavvvr Download
Light blue and white HUD. 2:o0 Download